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About Us

We Are Honest

A Govt. Reg. Trust organization which helps the donors that trusts with us. Your money will go to the right piece.

With 10 full time members in Kanyakumari District and Chennai we are helping the people, still growing....

What We Do

Oue charity team works 24 hrs to help the real need people .

We tell you what we do where your money went and also give you proof of it through a feedback report. We ensure that 100% of your contribution reaches the organization you support .

Our Charity Work

Our Charity work not only in india, we are helping apart from india too

Part of our helping we started a church in Nepal, helping poor children’s, families, kids and more....

Childrens now going to school

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Widows are now getiing help

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Poor family members are working with us

Richard McClintock, a Latin professor atHampden-Sydney College

Ministry work

Richard McClintock, a Latin professor atHampden-Sydney College


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Water tank road, Nagercoil, India
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